Gilbert D. Marsiglia & Co., Inc is a medium sized, locally owned and operated independent real estate brokerage company established in 1973 serving the Metropolitan Baltimore Area. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality of service at a competitive fee in assisting you in the purchase and sale of real estate. The pursuit of excellence is our driving force (with results being our goal so that the difference between us and the competition is easily discernible. Gilbert D. Marsiglia & Co. provides a superior service with a constant goal in mind of being better than the competition.

The mission of Gilbert D. Marsiglia & Co. has at its heart, the notion of being the best. Sellers and Buyers within the community deserve to be represented by the best, they are paying for it. Realizing this requires significant work and effort on the part of our company to make sure the people we employ are trained to have the knowledge and ability to provide you, the customer, with the excellence in service that you should expect. Our salespeople spent 300 hours in their initial training program (unequalled by any company in Maryland). We feel that our dedication to service, professionalism and expertise attracts and retains good customers.


To help the Buyer locate and obtain the home of their choice within their stipulated time frame and price range and to help them obtain the best available financing and proceed to settlement with the least amount of problems. With this goal in mind, some of the many services our company will provide for you are:


To obtain the highest possible price for their property in the shortest possible time and to proceed swiftly and efficiently with the least amount of problems to settlement.

Gilbert D. Marsiglia & Co. feels that selling a home should not have to be a hassle. From your 1st meeting with one of our sales representatives you will feel at ease and confident of our ability to do the job of getting your home sold. We understand that this is your home and we will work with you to understand each step, each option and each term. Although we will render professional advice on how to get you home sold, it is you who will ultimately decide what you want us to do.

Many people have enjoyed the services which our real estate company offers, and we look forward to the pleasure of assisting you.

Our Services Include: